Styles for photoshop

When combining multiple layer effects in Photoshop it turns out styles. Usually the presets mimic what may be material (e.g. metal, glass, stone) or effects (gold, water, grass, etc.) Using styles for photoshop, one click of the mouse to give a simple and flat design element volume and convexity. Normal text layer, convert to curly and bright multi-color font. Changing the settings is ready, you can create your own unique style. Now you know what styles in Photoshop are a set of effects, for example: inner shadow, inner glow, overlapping patterns, the combination of gradients and colors, different options of stamping, and more. It must be remembered that if you open an image that contains a single layer and apply a style to photoshop, it povliyaet immediately to all the elements, without exception. Thus, to create a picture with various styles, you must create multiple layers and apply the effect to each of them. We care about our visitors. Constantly collect for You a large collection of styles for photoshop that you can easily download on our website.