Drawing Creation Kit 25712455


Drawing Creation Kit 25712455

Drawing Creation Kit 25712455Drawing Creation Kit 25712455

301 mb

  • A Photoshop Action which will transform your photo into a creative hand-drawn artwork with only 1 click, saving you several hours of manual work per photo. You can use a non-transparent and transparent background image if you like.
  • A set of 80+ sketch textures that you can apply to any area of your photo. You can be as creative as you like about how you create your drawing. The textures are seamless, meaning you can scale them up/down as much as you like to increase/decrease the level of sketch detail anywhere in your image.
  • A set of 159 technical drawing brushes that you can use to quickly add lots of extra detail to your designs.
  • A set of 63 shadow overlays that you can drop onto your designs to add more realism.



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