140 Illustrator Gradients


140 Illustrator Gradients

140 Illustrator Gradients140 Illustrator Gradients

  • Buttons editable – contains 6 Ai CC files for each group of radial gradient colors with editable gradient buttons
  • Color palette for Ai – contains 6 swatch files of colors, that gradient made from. You can use it for recolor Your own works and for create something new!
  • Eps 10 buttons mesh – contains 6 files of made gradient radial meshes
  • Eps 10 gradient squares – contains 6 files for each group of colors with gradient squares
  • Gradient swatches for Ai – Yes, It’s gradient swatches!
  • JPG buttons mesh, JPG gradient squares, JPG mesh presets – high-resolution preview JPG for each group, 4000*4000 px.
  • Mesh presets — prepared eps 10 files for each color group with gradient presets!
  • Ps gradients — .GRD files for each group of gradients.



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