Digital Watercolor Painting 4061066


Digital Watercolor Painting 4061066

Digital Watercolor Painting 4061066Digital Watercolor Painting 4061066

Photoshop PAT, ATN, ABR | 12 Mb

Everything is very straight forward. I have tried to make the item as very easy to use. This Photoshop Actions are transform your photos into professional watercolor mixed artwork. Highly detailed result, a lot of possibilities to easy customize and improve. This actions are specially made for photographers, graphic designer & artists.. Every time you run the action you will get a unique result, even if you use the same brushed area! You can make UNLIMITED number of results! After action processing is finished, you got full layer control. You can remove the parts that you don’t like, you can transform, scale, rotate, blur or duplicate layers and create more parts. You can even duplicate the whole parts folder, and then move the folder around, transform it, scale it.



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