Anaglyph 3D Action


Anaglyph 3D Action

Anaglyph 3D ActionAnaglyph 3D Action

Photoshop ATN | 10 mb

Great 3D Anaglyph effect to your images.
This action DOES work with 3D glasses, just make sure you are using the old-style red/blue lens glasses, not the modern, cinema-style 3D lenses.
Simple One-Click process
Set includes 8 Actions for perfect results!!!
It can be combined with any other actions as it doesn’t modify the color.
Non-destructive effect.
Very easy to use, but a Help file is included.
Works with Photoshop in any language.
Built and optimized to have the fewest steps possible, making the actions run fast!
Works in Photoshop Elements; See FAQ for more info.



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