Grid Photoshop Action 24027428


Grid Photoshop Action 24027428

Grid Photoshop Action 24027428Grid Photoshop Action 24027428

11 mb

Turn your photos to Grid. Very suitable for advertising, horror poster, add to website etc. Or make your lover wide-eyed as they see their images become Grid. So fun. After the action has finished rendering, it creates a well organised layer structure. Each layer and layer group are named appropriately and color coded to create a neat working environment for you. Use them by try to experiment with all the different layers. Hide or show layer, duplicate layer to enhance the effects. You can create a lot of effects, with only a few minutes of experimenting with the layers, saving your time!

  • This package includes: Grid.ATN, Readme.txt.
  • There are 5 grid styles for from small to big photos (500px – 5000px).



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