Watercolor Sketch Mix 23190242


Watercolor Sketch Mix 23190242

Watercolor Sketch Mix 23190242Watercolor Sketch Mix 23190242

Photoshop ABR, Photoshop ATN | 17 Mb

This PS Action design to let you create watercolor effect from your photos. When you hit a play button, It’s auto generate watercolor texture effect in detail and well organize layer structure. Save your time and effort to get what you needs.

Go to layer panel/layer panel options. check on “Add “copy” to copied layers and groups”. If you are open a file which layer is not a background. please go to layer/New/background from layer. Go to image/mode/rgb color/8bits channel must be selected. Image size around 2000px to 3000px, 300dpi. if you are using other language photoshop, please go to preferences/interface/ text/ change this to english. This action is only work in english language. Other language it won’t work.



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