SALE — Christmas Font Bundle 3287497


SALE — Christmas Font Bundle 3287497

SALE - Christmas Font Bundle 3287497SALE — Christmas Font Bundle 3287497

OTF, TTF | 15 Mb

Introducing my Christmas font bundle, including my Top 25 products (77 fonts), just for $25 The font styles reach from clean to very ornate, which gives you endless design possibilities. All fonts work perfect for many different projects: quotes, blog header, poster, wedding, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc.


Smoothie — family of 2 contemporary script, and sans-serif fonts

Cleon — family of 3 modern sans-serif fonts

Ace Sans — family of 8 modern sans-serif fonts

Phephe — family of 2 fun and vintage fonts

Bastille — family of 2 classy and bold fonts

Opera — family of 10 classic sans-serif fonts

Pudding — a fun and modern script font

Django — a fun and vintage font

Brownie — family of 2 classy script, and serif fonts

Ace Serif — family of 8 classic serif fonts

Franky — family of 2 fun and contemporary fonts

Moscato — a dapper handwritten font

Roger Type — a clean and vintage font

Big Mom — family of 2 brush fonts

Roger Serif — family of 2 clean and simple vintage serif fonts

Brulee — family of 2 fun and script fonts

Rouge Sans — family of 3 clean and modern sans-serif fonts

Jacks — family of 2 modern script, and sans-serif fonts

Roger Sans — family of 2 fun and classy sans-serif fonts

Reiju — family of 2 feminine and modern fonts

TonyTony — family of 6 modern sans-serif fonts

Brook — family of 4 handwritten fonts

Ichiji — family of 2 bold and modern fonts

Dalmation — family of 5 vintage fonts

Robin — family of 2 brush fonts



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