Holiday Bundle All Product 3230000


Holiday Bundle All Product 3230000

Holiday Bundle All Product 3230000Holiday Bundle All Product 3230000

Photoshop AI, EPS, OTF, TTF, CDR, 51 Mb

Happy Holidays ! The end of the year awaited finally arrived, yeyy! Of course, to welcome the end of the year holidays you need good preparation and don’t want to be bothered by unfinished work while on vacation. Complete the work dateline from now on!

Yes! We from Viaction Type Co have a smart solution to more quickly complete your design work. Year End Sale Bundle is perfect for speeding up your design work and is very easy with products that are diverse such as script fonts, sans serif, slab serif, display fonts & graphic elements such as vintage badges and vintage illustration templates. All that is only in one purchase.

All in-store products are sold very cheaply to welcome year-end holidays



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