Illustrator Brushes Mega-Bundle 3


Illustrator Brushes Mega-Bundle 3

Illustrator Brushes Mega-Bundle 3Illustrator Brushes Mega-Bundle 3

AI, EPS, Adobe Illustrator brush | Illustrator CS5 to CC only | 3.14 Gb

The third in the Artifex’s Forge’s series of Adobe Illustrator brush mega-bundles is finally here!
This is the chance to equip yourself with some of the most innovative, useful and life-like brushes available at an amazing price, and take your vector artwork to the next level.

To buy these separately would cost $281 but this bundle gives you a massive 75% saving. Here’s a complete list of all the amazing tools you could soon be using:
Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns — 1799465-
Liquid Style Brushes — 1458338
Watercolor Brushes — 805412
Neon — Realistic Brush Set — 711307
Perfect Pencils — Brush Pack -1186269
The Ultimate Texture Brush Library — 1924937
Real Rope — Illustrator Brushes — 1343706
Multi-color, Mixed Paint Brushes — 1437564
Fairy Light Brushes — 946531
Oil Pastel Brushes — 640680
Chunky Markers — Illustrator Brushes — 1614172
Classic Chalk — Brushes + Patterns — 744644
All That Glitters — Vector Brushes — 1789318
Spray Paint Brushes — 683063
The Vector Florist — Brushes: Winter -1944464
Glitter Brushes — 884629

Check out the individual product links for more information; each brush set comes with full, detailed instructions plus examples of the brushes in action.

Please note! This product is compatible with Illustrator CS5 to CC only.

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