3D Lettering Bundle 3


3D Lettering Bundle 3

3D Lettering Bundle 33D Lettering Bundle 3

PNG, PSD | 909 Mb

Unique 3D typography bundle with 6 new lettering sets. All are great for any print or web projects, so maybe it’s time to add something creative and unique to your typography toolbox 😉 You’ll find here realistic ice, paint, stone, grunge wood, explosion letters and letters from small cubes. Just check all previews and you’ll love these unique graphics

With this deal you get:
6 creative 3D lettering sets (transparent PNG)

6 creative 3D lettering sets from MIIM Designs:
Painting On Invisible 3D Lettering — 1390696
Ice Ice Baby 3D Lettering — 1362805
Grunge Painted Wood 3D Lettering — 1326212
Color Cubes 3D Lettering — 1475223
Explosion 3D Lettering — 1471763
FlintyStone 3D Lettering — 1468928

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