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Coin Generator - photoshop actionCoin Generator — photoshop action 2532303

PSD, AI, ATN | CS | 149 MB

With this Add-on you can easily create coins, badges, pins, insignias, pendants or medallions with just a few clicks! Deliver professional and realistic results in a short time. Ideal for web graphics, prints and presentations. Numerous variations are possible. Choose between 40+ different coin bases layer comp presets (5 different material combined with 3 basic shapes, rim, edge etc) then customize with optional letters, dingbats, or any vector shape. Use the Action, Change the relief picture to your own, click and done. Layer styles are neatly adjusted to the actual layer composition, but if you like you can adjust them manually as well, even the base coin shapes.

1 .psd main file | contains the 40+ layer comps
1 .ai file | Illustrator brush set with 19 brushes
1 .atn file | action file for replace the relief easily
1 .pdf file | instructions and help, font list

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