300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds


300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds

JPG | 1.4 Gb

Introducing a brand new, stunning 300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds Collection
Featuring 6 distinct golden styles, it’s perfect for print, package, web, UI and any design. Apply a touch of gold to any creative project with a treasure chest of 300 gold backgrounds to choose from.

High Resolution. Your backgrounds will look gorgeous on any device, on Retina screens and in hi-end print thanks to the resolution of 3508*2480px (A4 @300 DPI).
JPEG – Simple as That. Hi-res, high quality JPEGs will fit in nicely in any of your creative projects no matter the platform or design software you use.

Stunning Details. Each background features a plethora of details that emphasize its individual mood.

Refined Compositions. Every composition was carefully considered to perfectly align all elements and aspects into a beautiful work of art.
Multiple Styles. From Classic Gold to unexpected Jungle Gold and beyond, this Collection has 6 distinct styles for you to creatively explore.



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