LSP-Actions – BOUTIQUE Texture Overlay Collection


LSP-Actions – BOUTIQUE Texture Overlay Collection

LSP-Actions – BOUTIQUE Texture Overlay CollectionLSP-Actions – BOUTIQUE Texture Overlay Collection

Artiste• Brood• Conflate• Denouement• Erstwhile• Felicity• Gossamer• Halcyon• Lagoon• Penumbra • Each has a desaturated mono version •

Transform your image with a stunning, versatile finish that is so easy to use. You can go from plain backdrop to real texture in just a few clicks.

This diverse texture set is ideal for photographers of all genres and abilities. One of the most popular LSP downloads of all time, this best selling texture pack contains eight unique textures each with five tonal varieties to complement your image, add depth and a fine art finish. From seamless backdrops to storytelling photography, the Boutique set is diverse and will be a texture set you can use forever.



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