Engrave and Halftone Creator


Engrave and Halftone Creator

Engrave and Halftone CreatorEngrave and Halftone Creator

2 PSD files, with standard and small size lines and dots

27 Decoration frames (9 Square, 9 Ellipse and 9 Circle) and 150 Pre-made gradients for overlays as bonus.

Simple mock-up working principe. Easier than you can imagine. Any language or version of photoshop. Mock-up based principe. Check out the video

Introduce you a Photoshop file to create awesome Engraving or Halftone effect for your images. From photo to Engrave image for three short step! Open the Photoshop file, add your image into the smart object and get your Engrave! Full editable options. Four type of engraving — vertical, horizontal, angled and engraved wavy lines (Currency style). Also, a stunning halftone for a realistic «newspaper print» effect.




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