Money Engraving Photoshop Action 22394336


Money Engraving Photoshop Action 22394336

Money Engraving Photoshop Action 22394336Money Engraving Photoshop Action 22394336

Photoshop ATN, 10 mb

Turn your photos into actual currency. Recreate the look of a traditional money engraving effect in Adobe Photoshop. No Photoshop skill? Don’t worry, this action just plug and play. you can use your self. for the beginner the step by step video included in the download folder.

In addition, you can also apply the glitch effect after you engrave your photo, so at the same time, you are able to apply to engrave and glitch in your image. Please see the example in the preview image.

The super exciting news is the final output also ready to use in adobe illustrator. when you play the action you will get a message for saving it for adobe illustrator, just save and use it later in illustrator.

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