Pentul 2 Photoshop Action 2374167


Pentul 2 Photoshop Action 2374167

Pentul 2 Photoshop Action 2374167Pentul 2 Photoshop Action 2374167

ATN, ABR | 27 Mb

Create stunning effect to your photo instantly using Pentul 2 Photoshop Action. The action has lots more elements that can be edited manually. After this action finished you can set opacity of layer, set properties, duplicate, move etc.

Pentul 2 photoshop action created for all users like you. You can use this action for poster, profile, cover or printing maybe. I hopefully you like this one, if you do, don’t forget to rate and set to your favorite.

The action will only work in the English version of Photoshop. If you are not using the English version of Photoshop, you can always change it to English and then back again to your native language using this method.



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