Definitive Double Exposure Toolkit 907911


Definitive Double Exposure Toolkit 907911

Definitive Double Exposure Toolkit 907911Definitive Double Exposure Toolkit 907911

Photoshop PSD | 857 Mb

The Definitive Double Exposure Photoshop Toolkit Double exposures are one of the most popular and striking photographic, Photoshop effects available today. You’ve probably seen it on the True Detective intro credits, as just one of the many examples. This definitive toolkit contains everything you need to create truly jaw-dropping images quickly and easily. The toolkit contains 2 High resolution psd files, with clearly organized and labelled layers and uses smart objects for ultimate ease of use. Thoroughly thought-out adjustment layers, colour overlays and gradient overlays, as well as texture overlay layers are included to give you HUGE customization options. A detailed but easy to use instruction guide (with bookmarks for easy navigation) is included, along with a full resolution psd file, including source images so you can analyze and recreate the effect without guesswork. Four Specifically created additional graphics are included.




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