126 Professional Photo Action Set


126 Professional Photo Action Set

126 Professional Photo Action Set126 Professional Photo Action Set

Photoshop ATN, PAT, GRD | 85 Mb

126 Professional Photoshop Action Set. This action set has been developed for photographers and graphic designers. These actions have been engineered for quality and performance.


* Layers Auto arranged & grouped in “Adjust Settings” folder.
* Easy to Use Actions.
* Actions work on multiple types of photos (Not Limited to 1 type).
* Bonus Covert to PDF Command Action.
* Make it your way, in adjust settings folder.
* Light Cast patterns included
* 3 New Photoshop layer styles bonus

125 Professional Action Set Contents

* Highlight, Mid tone, Shadows, Curves, Sharpening Power Tools
* Magazine & Ad Cover Power tools
* Vintage, B&W
* Easy Toner Pro Controller
* Premium Color & HDR Boosters
* Strippers & Reducers Plus Color Boosters
* Night Life Capture Color & Lighting Boosters
* Special Effects, Light Caster, Weather Effects
* Power Enhancer Pro Series
* Block Buster Effect
* Paint Pro
* Outdoor / Nature Booster
* Quick Level Clean & Polish
* Awesome City Booster
* Stealth Booster
* Portrait Master
* Progressive Color Booster
* Low Light Levels Correction
* And More…



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