Prefect Oils & FUR Photoshop Brushes


Prefect Oils & FUR Photoshop Brushes

Prefect Oils & FUR Photoshop BrushesPrefect Oils & FUR Photoshop Brushes

ABR, TPL | 16 Mb

TPL (Adobe Photoshop Tool Presets) file with 24 «The Perfect Oils» Mixer Brush presets those allow to reach realistic Oils and Acrylic paints imitation and feeling during a work (IMPORTANT! This product’s for Photoshop CS5 and newer only, older version just don’t have Mixer Brush tool yet).
PDF file with «How to install TPL file» and «How to set up and use» advices.
ABR (Adobe Photoshop Brushes file) with 20 excellent brushes for Photoshop, which I use to create the perfect fur when I’m painting fluffy animals, furries etc.




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