Coin creator kit 12881677


Coin creator kit 12881677

Coin creator kit 12881677Coin creator kit 12881677

Photoshop ABR, Photoshop PAT, Photoshop ATN, Photoshop CSH | 81 Mb

Create a personalised coin (heads/tails sides) with your photo or any other image that you like. You can add border patterns, date etc automatically. Create both sides of the coin with different pattern styles & images. Easily tweak the texture & colours etc of the coin in the resulting PSD document.

4 actions for creating main coins & 8 actions for additional features
Patterns, Shape & Brushes included
Tweak colour adjustment layers when done if needed
Well documented with illustrated PDF help file
Hi-Res 2500?2500 px. 300 dpi


1 ATN action file with 12 actions
1 ABR file with decorative brushes
1 PAT file with metal textures
1 CSH shape file
1 PDF file with full instructions

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