Authentic Gold Textures

Authentic Gold Textures
Authentic Gold Textures
JPEG | 4750 x 3359 | 433 Mb

To make this gorgeous pack, I went to the federal bank and I ask them if they could borrow me 4 or 5 gold bars just to use them in my Creative Market new project. Anyway, I went home with these gold bars truly excited to get my hands dirty but I noticed that my scanner was broken so I have to go to the nearest copy center and I started to melt and splatter all this gold all over everything I could find; Papers, wood, metal, rocks, walls, people staff, etc., just to put all this stuff into the scan and also take some photos.

That’s why these textures are so realistic, they were made of the finest gold you can find. Check out the last preview screenshot to see what I’m talking about.

They are ideal for classy invitations, flyers, logos, insignia’s, badges, info-graphics, texts, Photoshop masks or simply backgrounds.

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